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Did you get a chance to attend our Panel Discussion Work/Money/Life last week? If not, you missed out! An outstanding group of women showed up and contributed to an evening of humor, advice and candid conversation.

Led by Financial Planner Susan Jessup, HR Director Carolyn Laarkamp, and Work/Life Balance Expert and Designer Bianca Harle, we couldn’t ask for a more diverse group of women to start discussions ranging from who should consult a financial advisor to the power of meditation and focus. Rounding all of this off, Beck Total Office Interiors generously hosted the discussion providing an incredible space to talk and catering a delectable selection of snacks and cocktails. Thank you so much!

Other topics covered in the conversation: What is the right way to ask for a raise? How do you know what a fair amount is to ask for? Can you and still remain a competitive employee who makes time for personal achievements and pleasure in an office culture where “ambitious” employees regularly work 40+, 50+, 60+ hours a week? Do you need to make a lot of money to have a financial advisor? How much money do you need to retire? How can we start transforming our work culture so that it embraces the mental/emotional/creative benefits of making time for yourself?

What came out of this discussion were a wide range viewpoints coming from business owners, designers and students. A wonderful collection of different outlooks created a platform for thoughtful answers and introspective dialogue. The panelists also recommended some specific tools, like the book “The Ugly Truth About Managing People” and Prudential’s research study “Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women”.

If this sounds like something you wouldn’t want to miss, then make sure to watch out for our next Panel Discussion! Check out our Events page for the most up to date information on what’s coming up next:


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