WiD:NM Craft Day

sunprintFor those of you planning on attending our Craft Day on Saturday morning, make sure to look for the pavilion with the Gold Balloons!

For this event, we will be Sunprinting, led by local Interior and Textile designer Jen Fox!

Sunprinting is based on the cyanotype process, which has been used by artists since its development in the 19th century. Objects that eclipse the sun’s light will show up in white, with the rest of the paper turning a vibrant Prussian Blue.

This event will be fun for all ages, kids and adults! Kids can go on a scavenger hunt to find objects (leaves, flowers, keys, paper clips, feathers, etc) to place on their sheet of paper, and arrange the objects however they would like. Then we will leave the paper in the sun to expose and the objects’ shapes will be revealed! Frame the finished sun print, or use it to make greeting cards or other paper crafts.

Who: You and your kiddos! This will be an event thats fun for ALL ages!

When: Saturday, August 13, 10am-12pm

Where: North Domingo Baca Park Pavillion, Albuquerque

Cost: Free!

RSVP: email Megan Hutchcraft at widinnm@gmail.com and let her know how many kids/friends you plan on bringing!

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