#igersabq – Great Local Photography!

Are you enthusiastic instagramer or a fan of those captivating photos that pop up on your facebook feed? Maybe you love hashtags… If this is the case then you probably want to take a look at a collection of photos on Instagram that have one thing in common: #igersabq
A broad collection of photos taken locally capturing all things Albuquerque or New Mexico, this special collection of photos are curated by the instagramers themselves. This means that from day to day a different person chooses the “photo of the day”. If your photo is chosen, you choose your favorite photo next and pass on the torch!
What’s even better, the #igersabq Chapter was started by Jessica Roybal, architect by trade and all around passionate artist right here in Albuquerque. Jessica has been exploring her talents in photography and film, participating in international exhibits like The 24-hour Project in Guadalajara, and even an exhibit called Sign Geeks (check it out)!
Now she has gotten the ball rolling, giving other photographers a platform to show off their skills. So next time you capture a worthy instagram photo in the 505 make sure to include #igersabq…


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