First Ever WiD:NM Coffee Talks!

We are excited to announce our first ever WiD:NM Coffee Talks – Thursday, September 18th at 7:00am at Zendo, 413 2nd St SW.

Come support local businesses in Downtown Albuquerque and let’s get back to our WiD:NM roots.

At our first ever meeting, we started discussing what we want WiD:NM to do, what we as women feel we are lacking in our profession, and what we as women can do to not only change the design professions for the better, but change the community for the better. Let’s start up that dialogue again! We’ll be mixing in these Coffee (or Tea!) Talks in place of some of our usual monthly Happy Hours and see how things go – keep checking our calendar to find out when future events are!

Zendo coffee

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