2015 Holiday Design Competition Judge’s Bio

We are pleased to introduce you to our judging panel in the days leading up to our 2015 Holiday Design Competition + Auction, starting with: 

Sherri Brueggemann

Sherri Brueggemann is the city’s Public Art Urban Enhancement Program Manager of the Cultural Services Department. While she has enjoyed her professional position as a non-voting administrator in the Public Art field, she is always especially happy to serve as a judge for local creativity and talents. Her judging capacity over the past 15 years has ranged from being a New Mexico State Fair winemaking judge, a New Mexico Arts Public Art project juror, to judging numerous high school art shows. Sherri is excited to, again, be one of the Women in Design Holiday Decorations juror. “The amount of creativity I witnessed last time was just amazing and I had to restrain from not bidding on everything myself!”, she claims.

We are so excited to welcome Sherri back as a judge, and please stay tuned as we will be introducing you to the rest of the panel in the coming weeks!

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